Introducing the new OPzV range

October 30, 2012

Introducing the new OPzV range by Power-Sonic: a 2 volt tubular gel battery that has a design life in float service of 20 years (@20 degrees C).

OPZV Group Shot Image


  • Photovoltaic / Solar / Wind
  • Telecommunications
  • Cycling / Float service
  • Wheelchair / Electric vehicle
  • Boats/Marine/Navigational Aids
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio and cellular telephone relay stations
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Railway signalling
  • Maritime standby power on ships and ashore
  • Process and control engineering
  • Buoy lighting

Close up of the OPzV showing its tubular plate design


  • Sealed Maintenance Free   Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows trouble free, safe operation . Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation. The sealed system eliminates electrolyte checking and water addition. The gases generated are recombined internally during normal use.
  • Shelf Life and Storage   Special vents, high purity lead and grid alloys assure a low self-discharge rate and consequently a long shelf life. Lower Storage temperatures enhance shelf life characteristics even further.
  • Very Low Self Discharge Less than 2 % per month
  • Long Standby Service Life   Tubular plate design yields a design life of up to 20 years in standby applications
  • Cyclic Use   1700 cycles in accordance with IEC 896-2 (20°C).The number of charge /discharge cycles depends on the capacity taken from the battery (a function of discharge rate and depth of discharge) operating temperature and charging method.
  • Design Flexibility   Batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to give you choice of voltage and capacity.
  • Compact Design   Power-Sonic Batteries utilise the state of the art design, highest grade materials, and a carefully controlled plate making process to provide excellent output per cell.
  • Designed-in Reliability     Cutting edge, manufacturing and process control combined with strict quality assurance procedures guarantee consistent and dependable performance.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range Charge: -15 to 50° C   Discharge: -15 to 60° C Storage: -20° to + 50° C (in fully charged condition)

Find the entire range here at our website where you can download each product datasheet for an in-depth view of an OPzV battery.

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Accurate CAD models coming soon…

August 28, 2012

We are currently creating accurate CAD models of our popular ranges as we speak.

The models will be used to help our customers with their product designs, UPS systems and also getting up close to the products from your office chair!

This little video shows off the detail used in this PS12170 (12V 17Ah) model.

Our vision is to have these models up on our website so you can digitally pick them up and spin them around. In the mean-time if you use a CAD program such as Sketchup you can download models from here.