Accurate CAD models coming soon…

August 28, 2012

We are currently creating accurate CAD models of our popular ranges as we speak.

The models will be used to help our customers with their product designs, UPS systems and also getting up close to the products from your office chair!

This little video shows off the detail used in this PS12170 (12V 17Ah) model.

Our vision is to have these models up on our website so you can digitally pick them up and spin them around. In the mean-time if you use a CAD program such as Sketchup you can download models from here.


Powering The Gadget Show

November 9, 2011

The Gadget Show is a popular program from North One TV, aired on Channel 5, that broadcasts the latest tech news and previews/reviews the latest gadgets from around the world. It’s now into its 16th Series and boasts very large viewing figures making The Gadget Show an extremely popular TV series.

Power-Sonic Europe Ltd  have worked with North One Television to assist the Gadget Show team create the “Gadget Bags” seen in Series 16 2011, Episode 12. The segment for the Gadget Bags see’s presenters Suzi Perry & Ortis Deley team up with designers and engineers to produce two types of high-tech bags.

Suzi’s bag is at first sight a conventional record bag but has built-in devices for theft prevention including some ingenious way’s to deter pick pockets and bag snatchers. Ortis’ bag is more like a hard suitcase. This bag has a built-in tablet computer, an iPhone dock/charger, an inflatable pop out bed and a motorised fold out scooter! All powered by our Power-Sonic PS12120.

See the video here

Our  standard range Sealed Lead Acid batteries are valve regulated, have a spill proof construction which allows trouble-free and safe operation in almost any position*. The sealed system eliminates electrolyte checking and water addition too. Special vents, high purity lead (Pb) and grid alloys assure a low self-discharge rate and consequently a long shelf life. Storing the batteries at lower temperatures can also enhance the shelf life characteristics even further which make our batteries versatile in almost all conditions.

For more information and to view downloadable data sheets of our Sealed Lead Acid battery ranges please visit our website.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery PS12120 (12V 12Ah)

*except continuous use in the inverted position


September 22, 2011

We are now signed up to Google+ which recently opened its gates to the world.

Previously only a small percentage of Googlemail users have been able to access this new product as Google have been testing it over the last few months. It is still in its Beta phase at present and will be prone to the odd hick-up or two.

We hope that this new platform will enable us to comunicate with even more customers and provide you another landing pad to expolore our products and services.

Feel free to add us to your circle and drop us a message.

If you are already signed up to Google+ then visit us here